Since 2020, we have hosted an online webinar series for Albertans to engage and learn about native plants and conservation topics from knowledgeable presenters. Similar to our Plant Study Groups, these presentations are broadcast online for the public and recorded and stored in the library of our Member’s Portal as a benefit for ANPC members. Webinars generally run through the winter months and are advertised through our Info Email and social media channels.

A list of previous webinars is below. Refer to our Member’s Portal for event recordings. Upcoming webinars are featured in our Events Calendar.

Interested in presenting a new topic at an upcoming event, or helping to coordinate future events? Contact Outreach@anpc.ab.ca.

2024 Under Pressure: Threats to Alberta’s Native Plant Communities
January 16, 2024Megan Evans, Alberta Invasive Species CouncilThe Alien Invasion: Protecting Alberta’s native plants from the ever-pressing threat of invasive species
February 13, 2024Dr. Richard Schneider, Nature AlbertaTime Travelling to Alberta’s Past and Future, Under A Changing Climate
March 12, 2024 Phillip Meintzer The McClelland Lake Wetland Complex
April 17, 2024Blake McNeillForging Unexpected Alliances to Save Native Plants
May 15, 2024Megan Evans, Alberta Native Bee CouncilNurturing Alberta’s Native Bees, The Alberta Native Bee Council’s Approach to Conservation
2023 Back to Botany Basics
January 18, 2023Laurie Hamilton, SALMTEC and ANPC VolunteerAn Overview of Alberta’s Vegetation Management Toolkit
Ann Willyard, American Journal of BotanyLearn to Love Those Latin Names
February 21, 2023Brittney Miller, Royal Alberta MuseumMossin’ Around in Alberta: An Introduction to the Miniature and Intricate World of Bryophytes
March 21, 2023Donna Cherniawsky, Royal Alberta MuseumAn Introduction to Vascular Plant Identification
April 11, 2023Steven Tannas, Tannas Conservation Services and Eastern Slopes Rangeland SeedsIntroduction to Forb Identification
May 9, 2023Dr. Jana Vamosi, University of CalgaryUnderstanding How Plant Diversity Influences the Resiliency of Ecosystems
Plant Study Group Webinars
January 25, 2023Kristyn Mayner, ANPC Central DirectorWeird and Wonderful Wetlands
November 22, 2022Marsha Hayward, ANPC Northern DirectorWild Edible Fruits and Berries of Northern Alberta
2022 Special Feature Webinars
February 8, 2022Kristen Anderson, Associated Environmental Consultants and ANPC PresidentList of Plants that Occur in Wetlands – History and Current Use in Alberta
April 5, 2022Coleen Mahoney, Prairie Horticulturalist and ANPC VolunteerNative Plants and the Native Plant Pollinator Garden Challenge
Patrick Kyle, Master Naturalist and Edmonton Native Plant Society VolunteerBlooms and Bees from Gravel and Grass
Liz Murray, Earthmaster Environmental StrategiesCity of Calgary Roadside Vegetation Naturalization Pilot Project Year 1
2021 Webinars
January 14, 2021David Evans, ABMIA Report from the Field and ABMI Data Products  
January 28, 2021Melanie Bird, NAIT Institute for Boreal Research and ANPC VolunteerPeatland Bryophytes
Ryan JamesUnintended Consequences: The effects of light pollution on plants
February 11, 2021Steven Tannas, Tannas Conservation Services and Eastern Slopes Rangeland SeedsVegetative Identification of Willows
February 25, 2021Steven Tannas, Tannas Conservation Services and Eastern Slopes Rangeland SeedsSedge Identification and Keying
March 11, 2021Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed, ALCLA Native PlantsGrowing Native Plants
Bonus Partner Webinar
May 12, 2021Kristyn Mayner, ANPC Central DirectorGrowing Native Plants in Alberta
2020 Webinars
October 15, 2020Lorna AllenNorth, South, East or West, which Natural Region is best?
October 29, 2020Jordan Bell, ABMINatureLynx and Alberta Plantwatch: A Budding Collaboration
 Barbara Kowalzik, City of CalgaryCalgary Naturally, Native Plants and Pollinators
November 12, 2020Kristyn Mayner, ANPC Central DirectorThe Who-What-Why of the ANPC
 Norma Calvo, ANPC VolunteerChickweeds of Alberta
November 26, 2020Kristen Andersen, Associated Environmental Consultants and ANPC PresidentWildflowers of Whitehorse Wildland Provincial Park
December 10, 2020Karel BergmannSmall, easily overlooked Plants, some Less Common Finds in Southern Alberta