Our Volunteers

ANPC is a volunteer led and run organisation with elected and non-elected positions, and committees or members that deliver our programs as well as special projects. ANPC volunteers provide crucial support to ANPC as it works to advance the understanding of native plants and ecosystems in Alberta.

If you are passionate about native plants, ecosystems and their long-term sustainability then the Alberta Native Plant Council (ANPC) Society wants you! No experience as a botanist or Board member is required, as we have an amazing orientation/ onboarding/ leadership program. You need to be an ANPC member in good standing for these positions.

Contact our volunteer coordinator volunteer@anpc.ab.ca if you are interested in a vacant position.

ANPC Board Elected Positions

Members are elected to executive roles or director positions on the Board at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) by the membership to serve two-year terms. Executive Officers and Directors are required to attend Board meetings at 9:30 am to noon on the third Saturday of the month from September to April and make decisions on behalf of the members. Executive Officers and Directors are expected to attend the AGM and may hold non-elected positions.

  • President: Kristen
  • Vice-president: Andrea
  • Treasurer: Julie
  • Secretary: Brenda
  • Central Alberta Director: Kristyn
  • Northeastern Alberta Director: Marsha
  • Northwestern Alberta Director: VACANT
  • Southern Alberta Director: Jon
  • Director-at-Large: Norma
  • Director-at-Large: Diana

ANPC Board Non-elected Positions

Members are appointed to non-elected positions by the Board to lead committees or fill roles identified by the Board. Non-elected members of the Board are expected to give regular updates to the Board and get approval for initiatives.

  • Botany Alberta Committee Chairs: Joelyn and Kristyn
  • Clyde Fen Stewards: Derek and Joelyn
  • Nisku Prairie Steward: Patsy
  • Whitehorse Wildlands Provincial Park Steward: Kristen
  • Communications Committee Chair: Catrina
    • Info Emails: Catrina
    • Social Media: Rose, Braxton and Kristyn
    • Webmaster: VACANT
    • Iris Newsletter Editor: Natalie  
  • Conservation Committee Chair: VACANT
  • Education and Outreach Committee Chair: Andrea
  • Grant Committee Chair: Kim
  • Leadership Development Committee Chair: Kristen
  • Membership Secretary: Kelly
  • Workshop Committee Chair: Kristen
  • Rare Plants Committee Chair: Jane
  • Reclamation and Horticulture Committee Chair: Jillian
  • Student Bursary Committee Chair: Natalie
  • Plant Study Group Committee Chair: Jon
    • Calgary/Southern Alberta Plant Study Group Facilitators: Jane, Sandy and Teresa
    • Edmonton/Central Alberta Plant Study Group Facilitators: Diana and Brittney
    • Peace River Plant Study Group Facilitators: Melanie and Ryan
    • Medicine Hat Plant Study Group Facilitators: VACANT
    • Grande Prairie Plant Study Group Facilitators: VACANT
    • Fort McMurray/Northern Plant and Ecology Study Group (NPESG) Facilitators: VACANT