Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Call for Volunteers – Board of Director’s Positions

If you are passionate about native plants, ecosystems and their long-term sustainability and have experience coordinating people and projects, then the Alberta Native Plant Council (ANPC) Society’s Board of Directors wants you!
The Board of Directors plays a critical role in the success of the ANPC organization. By helping to maintain ANPC as an organization, your participation on the Board will provide the foundation upon which to implement education and conservation initiatives. ANPC volunteers provide crucial support to the ANPC as it works to advance the understanding of native plants and ecosystems in Alberta.
We are looking to fill the following Board positions in March 2020:

  • President (1 year term)
  • Vice-president (1 year term)
  • Secretary (2 year term)

For more information on these positions see below, or please contact us at volunteer@anpc.ab.ca

Time Commitment: 10 hours per month from September to April and 2 hours per month from May to August
General Tasks:

  • Chairs meetings of the Board, the Annual General Meeting (AGM), Executive meetings and any special meetings that might occur. Presides at all meetings of ANPC Society when present;
  • Provides leadership to the Board of Directors;
  • Receives general correspondence and delegates to the appropriate committee and writes or approves outgoing correspondence.
  • Works with Secretary to prepare the Board meeting agenda;
  • Usually acts as one of the signing officers for cheques and other documents, such as contracts and grant applications;
  • Works with Secretary to prepare required meeting documents;
  • Drives the Nomination Committee to fill Board vacancies;
  • Orients Board Members and committee chairpersons to the Board; and
  • Orients and mentors the incoming President.

Secretary: Time Commitment: 10 hours per month from September to April and 2 hours per month from May to August
General Tasks:

  • Organises and attends meetings and keeps accurate minutes and records all motions and decisions of meetings;
  • Conducts general Board correspondence and keeps all records of correspondence;
  • Serves on Executive Committee; and
  • Provides oversight to the Membership Secretary.

Vice-president: Time Commitment: 5 hours per month from September to April and 1 hour per month from May to August
General Tasks:

  • Acts in the absence of the President;
  • Learns the duties of the President and keeps informed on key issues;
  • Acts on Executive Committee;
  • In general, is anticipated to succeed to role of President;
  • Orients and mentors the incoming Vice-President and Attends Board meetings.


ANPC has both elected and non-elected positions. The following represents a complete list of the positions on the ANPC board. For more information please contact us at volunteer@anpc.ab.ca

IMGP7162sElected Positions

Southern Director
Northern Director
Central Director
NA Director

Non-elected Positions

Past – President
Membership Secretary
Rare Plants Committee
Information and Education Committee
Conservation Action Committee
Reclamation and Horticulture


ALBERTA May Plant Count:       Date: May 25-31, 2019
The May Plant Count (MPC) is an annual event where volunteers survey their favorite natural area to provide valuable information on the distribution and phenology of flowering plants in Alberta during the last week of May (May 25-31). MPC is a Nature Alberta citizen science initiative supported by the Alberta Native Plant Council. It’s a great opportunity to shake the rust off of our plant identification skills accumulated over the winter and conduct a fun “trek and check” through our favorite natural space.
Returning and new volunteers are welcome to participate and provide their plant lists. However, behind the scenes volunteers are required to continue this event. The MPC would function optimally with a committee of volunteers so the tasks of coordinating volunteers, preparing and distributing promotions and marketing material, compiling all data, and creating an annual presentation of the compiled results can be completed. Nature Alberta and the Alberta Native Plant Council do not exist without volunteers so I humbly ask that you think about volunteering your time beyond the data collection component for these great organizations on the MPC Committee.
Please contact Kim MacKenzie at kim.mack@goldpaw.ca to volunteer!

Join our Stewards, Derek Johnson and Joelyn Kozar, of Clyde Fen Candidate Natural Area for the May Species Count! Located minutes outside of Clyde, AB; Clyde Fen is one of four natural areas stewarded by the ANPC. The day will entail a meander through an aspen stand, a shrubby fen, and a pine stand. We will be looking to count the number of plant species in flower. Last years count found 56 species in flower! Bring rubber boots, pack a lunch, and be prepared to spend a better part of the day there.
Meet at 9 am on Sunday May 26th at the Percy Page Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. Carpooling is an option. Please RVSP to kozar.j@gmail.com; however, last-minute deciders are welcome.


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