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Map of Proposed Alberta Park closures (from Alberta Wilderness Association:

Defend Alberta Parks:

Alberta Native Plant Council (ANPC) Society’s concern for the removal of 175 parks from the Alberta parks system

In March 2020, the Government of Alberta announced a plan to remove 175 parks from the Alberta parks system with the loss of protected area status from 164 of these parks. The Government of Alberta’s plan will result in the loss of over third of all parks in the province, disproportionately affecting campgrounds, but also including several areas expressly meant to provide wilderness education and conservation of the land.

  • The ANPC Society Board consider that the divestment of parks is short-sighted and puts our natural heritage at risk and is alarmed that these sweeping changes were made without any public consultation.
  • Once parks lose their protected area status, they are open to other uses including industrial and commercial activities, which compromise conservation goals and public accessibility.
  • The Government of Alberta already successfully partners with organizations to manage parks or park facilities without removing their protected area status, so why remove these protections?

The ANPC Society Board are concerned about the impact this plan will have on the Parkland, Grasslands and Foothills Natural Regions, the three most endangered and least protected Natural Regions of Alberta.

  • Under the Government of Alberta’s plan, 85 sites within the Parkland, Grasslands and Foothills Natural Regions will lose their protected status, resulting in the loss of nearly 9,000 hectares of protected land.
  • These sites are currently managed for two primary purposes: the conservation of their landscapes and natural features, and to facilitate accessible recreation opportunities for Albertans.
  • No guidelines have been released by the Government of Alberta on how these objectives will be achieved once these lands are divested to third party entities or become vacant public land. Public land can be leased or sold. So why put the conservation value of this land at risk?

The ANPC Society Board strongly encourages its members to learn more about:

The ANPC Society Board strongly recommends that members take action: Defend Alberta Parks

Alberta Native Plant Council Concern for Resources for Alberta Conservation Information Management System (ACIMS)

All provinces and territories have a Conservation Data Centre, similar to the Alberta Conservation Information Management System (ACIMS). But ACIMS staff consists of less than one full-time equivalent position, the second lowest staffing level in Canada, despite heavy land use pressures on the landscape.
ANPC relies heavily on ACIMS to inform their native plant conservation initiatives. ACIMS is critically understaffed, underfunded and unsustainable. Earlier this summer, the ANPC wrote a letter to the Minister of Environment and Parks recommending that five full time positions be resourced for ACIMS:

  • Three positions to fill vacant positions of Botanist, Ecological Communities Coordinator, and Invertebrate Zoologist, and
  • Two positions to perform additional data management to meet current needs

We need your support in affecting this change! Please let the Minister know that conservation of native plants in Alberta is important and that it relies heavily on the information and data available from ACIMS, which can only function properly when well staffed.

Please see the attached letters:
ANPC Letter to the Minister of Alberta Environment and Parks – click here
Alberta Environment and Parks REPLY – click here

Element Occurrence (EO) data updated to October 2017
ACIMS has updated the Element Occurrence information to October 2017 in the Search Map and downloadable files. Please note the previous files (dated July 2015) are now outdated and should no longer be used for searches.  The new files must be downloaded.

 Please check the ACIMS Website:










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