Alberta Native Plant Council

About Us

The Council’s specific objectives are:
  • To educate individuals, industry, and government about native plants.
  • To promote awareness of native plant issues through a newsletter, an annual workshop, and in the media.
  • To co-ordinate information and activities concerning Alberta’s native plants.
    • To develop briefs or position papers for special projects; for example, biodiversity, forest vegetation management, wetlands, rare species or phenology.
    • To organize field trips and plant study groups.
    • To update lists of current research and conservation projects.
  • To preserve natural habitats and plant communities.
    • To support legislation that protects native plants.
    • To take action to establish, preserve and manage protected areas.
    • To undertake Alberta projects jointly with groups such as the Nature Conservancy of Canada
  • To encourage appropriate use of Alberta’s native plants.
    • To produce information on the use of native plants in land reclamation.
    • To develop and distribute collection, salvage and management guidelines.
    • To update a list of native seed sources and suppliers for horticulture and reclamation.

The ANPC Position Holders for 2021-2022 are:

 Kristen,  email:
Vice-president: Andrea, email:
Treasurer: Julie,  email:
Secretary: Taylor, email:

Central Director:
 Kristyn, email: 
Northern Director: Marsha, email:
Southern Director: Jon, email:
Director-at-large: Kim, email:
Laurie, email:

Kristyn,  email:
Conservation: Sarah,  email:
Information and Education/Outreach: Andrea, email:
Newsletter Committee:  Coleen,  email:
Rare Plant Committee:
Reclamation and Horticulture: Jillian, email:

Kelly, email:
Website: Carole, email:
Social Media: Cam

Big Sagebrush (PNT):
 Anna and Wendy
Clyde Fen: Derek & Joelyn
Whitehorse Wildlands PP: Kristen
Nisku Prairie: Patsy

Please feel free to contact any of us at with the name of the person you would like to contact in the subject heading.

The Council has four active committees:

Education and Information
Disseminates information on native flora; produces displays; runs field trips and courses; co-ordinates activities with other environmental groups.
Rare Plants
Conducts life history studies; monitors populations; sets priority lists for rare plants; assists with populating the rare plant data bank, maintained by the Alberta Conservation Information Managment System (ACIMS).
Restoration and Reclamation
Compiles guidelines for defining and collecting native plants; produces lists of native seed and nursery stock suppliers; provides reclamation information to interested groups.
Protects rare Alberta species and habitats by: directing public attention to pressing issues; assist in preparing COSEWIC status reports on rare, threatened or endangered species for national listing; gaining stewardship of natural areas; monitoring how habitats are affected by development.

To view the ANPC By-laws, click here



Recipient of a 2010 Emerald Award! The ANPC was recognized for its efforts in promoting knowledge of Alberta’s native plants; conserving Alberta’s native plant species and their habitats; and preserving plant species and habitat for the enjoyment of present and future generations


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