About Us

The Council’s specific objectives are:
  • To educate individuals, industry, and government about native plants.
  • To promote awareness of native plant issues through a newsletter, an annual workshop, and in the media.
  • To co-ordinate information and activities concerning Alberta’s native plants.
    • To develop briefs or position papers for special projects; for example, biodiversity, forest vegetation management, wetlands, rare species or phenology.
    • To organize field trips and plant study groups.
    • To update lists of current research and conservation projects.
  • To preserve natural habitats and plant communities.
    • To support legislation that protects native plants.
    • To take action to establish, preserve and manage protected areas.
    • To undertake Alberta projects jointly with groups such as the Nature Conservancy of Canada
  • To encourage appropriate use of Alberta’s native plants.
    • To produce information on the use of native plants in land reclamation.
    • To develop and distribute collection, salvage and management guidelines.
    • To update a list of native seed sources and suppliers for horticulture and reclamation.

The ANPC Position Holders for 2018-2019 are:

 E. Hiraga,  email: president@anpc.ab.ca
Vice-president: L. Hamilton
Treasurer: J. Figures, email:  treasurer@anpc.ab.ca
Secretary: J. Muir, email:   secretary@anpc.ab.ca

Central Director:
 K. Andersen
Northern Director: M. Hayward
Southern Director:
Nature Alberta: K. Mackenzie

Conservation Action:
 L. Hamilton
Information and Education/Outreach: vacant
Newsletter Committee:  C. Mahoney    email:   newsletter@anpc.ab.ca
Rare Plant Committee:
Reclamation and Restoration: K. Andersen

K. Ostermann, email:   membership@anpc.ab.ca
Website: C. Dodd, email:   webmaster@anpc.ab.ca
Social Media: C. Johnson
Foothills Restoration Forum Representative: D. Soppet

Big Sagebrush (PNT):
 A. Mozolik and W. Ryan
Clyde Fen: D. Johnson & J. Kozar
Whitehorse Wildlands PP: K. Andersen
Nisku Prairie: P. Cotterill

Please feel free to contact any of us at info@anpc.ab.ca with the name of the person you would like to contact in the subject heading.

The Council has four active committees:

Education and Information
Disseminates information on native flora; produces displays; runs field trips and courses; co-ordinates activities with other environmental groups.
Rare Plants
Conducts life history studies; monitors populations; sets priority lists for rare plants; assists with populating the rare plant data bank, maintained by the Alberta Conservation Information Managment System (ACIMS).
Restoration and Reclamation
Compiles guidelines for defining and collecting native plants; produces lists of native seed and nursery stock suppliers; provides reclamation information to interested groups.
Conservation Action
Protects rare Alberta species and habitats by: directing public attention to pressing issues; assist in preparing COSEWIC status reports on rare, threatened or endangered species for national listing; gaining stewardship of natural areas; monitoring how habitats are affected by development.

To view the ANPC By-laws, click here


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