Western False Asphodel

Rare Plant Profile – Western False Asphodel (Triantha occidentalis (S. Wats.) Gates) [1]

Western false asphodel (Triantha occidentalis (S. Wats.) Gates) is a perennial herb in the Tofieldiaceae Family (previously in Liliaceae [2]). There are two subspecies recognized in Alberta: brevistyla (short-style sticky Tofieldia) and montana (mountain Tofieldia) [3]This plant grows from underground rhizomes [4] and is either leafless or has 1-3 leaves near the base [5]. Flowers are white or greenish, 3-7 mm long, with 3 petals and 3 slightly shorter and wider sepals [6].

This carnivorous plant has a unique feature of trapping small insects near its insect-pollinated flowers [7]. Flower stems are coated with sticky hairs that produce a digestive enzyme known as phosphatase, which digests the small insects [8]. The hairs can catch midges and gnats but are not sticky enough to capture larger insects like bees and butterflies that pollinate the flowers [9].

In Canada, western false asphodel is found in wet meadows, marshes, fens, and bogs, as well as along streambanks in British Columbia and Alberta [2]. While its conservation status rank in British Columbia is S5, or Secure, its conservation status rank in Alberta is S1, or Critically Imperiled [10]. This is due to its low number of occurrences, it is likely at the edge of its range, and its montane habitat is under threat from development activities [11].

Photo by Steve Matson
Photo by Steve Matson

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