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Rare Vascular Plants of Alberta Book Information 

Second Edition: August 2022 update:

Everyone is invited to a Book Signing Party on Saturday September 10th at 1:00 pm in Bowness Park in Calgary: site 4. The map is attached here. All of the editors will be available to sign purchased books!!

Thank You to those who helped fund Rare Vascular Plants of Alberta, 2nd Edition!

The Rare Vascular Plants of Alberta, 2nd edition (RVPA2) is available for purchase through UBC Press.
Thanks to substantial financial contributions from the Canadian Forest Service / Natural Resources Canada, CIP, Ecotrust, AAR Environmental Services, CCI Inc., EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc., Geoterra Integrated Resource Systems Ltd., and Kestrel Research Inc, as well as generous support from Eileen Ford, Dana Charlton, AJM Environmental Inc., H3M Environmental Ltd., Kingbird Environmental Consulting Ltd., Maskwa Environmental Consulting Inc., Pintail Environmental Consulting Inc., SALMTEC, Cliff Wallance on behalf of Cottonwood Consultants, Lacuna Ecological, You Betula Environmental, Derek Johnson, and all the community members who have contributed to our crowdfunding initiative to date, the RVPA Steering Committee is overjoyed to announce we have funding in place to support our initial print run – we have even been able to expand on our initial goal of 1,000 copies to a first run of 1,500 copies!
The RVPA2 crowdfunding campaign closed on March 31st.  Any funds raised in excess of what was required for the first print run, along with proceeds from book sales, will be put toward future print runs of the book.Once again, we must heartily thank all of our dedicated Steering Committee members, volunteers, and donors – the RVPA2 book project could not have been a success without every one of the hours and dollars so generously donated on behalf of this important legacy project


First Edition:






 Sorry – this book is no longer available for purchase from ANPC.




Errata for the RVP book – click here
Addenda for the Rare Vascular Plants of Alberta 


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