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The Rare Vascular Plants of Alberta book is in the process of being brought up to date with a second edition.

October 4, 2018 Update:

The rare vascular plant committee has spent the last year concentrating on getting new species descriptions written and updates prepared for the existing species accounts. Twenty-seven wonderful volunteers agreed to help write species descriptions. Most of the new species were distributed and 52 new species descriptions have been received so far (we expect the remainder to come in after the field season as most of our volunteers are professional botanists). Forty-nine of the species in the original book have been re-examined for phenological/habitat changes (species account updates).  We still have a few species descriptions outstanding (eg. 2 Onagraceae species, 2 Portulacaceae species, 3 Isoetaceae species, 2 Fabaceae species, 1 Polygonaceae species, 1 Hydrocharitaceae species, 1 Campanulaceae species). If you are interested in volunteering to write up any of these species, please contact us at ABRarePlantBook@gmail.com.

The next step in the process is to get the species descriptions reviewed. Forty-one species descriptions have been reviewed internally, and two species have been reviewed and edited by a taxonomic expert. This project initiated the development of a new ANPC policy that will provide a process for us to engage taxonomic experts to review the species content. With this new policy in place, we are positioned to submit new species descriptions to taxonomic experts this fall/winter.

The complete set of North American distribution maps have been compiled. Permission to use the Flora of North America illustrations has also been obtained and we are working on permissions to use illustrations from the Illustrated Flora of BC.

If you would like to submit photographs of identified rare plants that are on the list for this book, please check out the excel file (here – list revised March 19, 2019) that lists the species that will need photographs, instructions (here – instructions revised November 23, 2017) detailing the submission of photographs, and a photo release form (here) that must accompany the photographs.

Images will be selected by the book committee from those submitted. Completion of a release form for use of the photographs is required with the submission of photographs.

This is your opportunity to get your botanical photographs in print! We look forward to your contributions!

If you have questions please email:    ABRarePlantBook@gmail.com

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 Sorry – this book is no longer available for purchase from ANPC.




Errata for the RVP book – click here
Addenda for the Rare Vascular Plants of Alberta 


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