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Gardens and Landscaping

Gardens and Landscaping


Bringing native plants into urban and suburban setting where they have  been historically replaced by non-native plants, reminds us of the many benefits of native plants: from beauty to medicine to sacred plants and habitat for other species, not to mention lower maintenance requirements. Below are links to the ANPC small grants program to assist in public native plant landscaping projects, print and web resources will guide schools and homeowners, and ANPC volunteers for who can assist with specific resources for your region.




ANPC Pollinator Garden Challenge

Help change perceptions on what gardens can be… include native plants in your yard (or balcony), provide habitat for native insects, show how our gardens can become living resources for local wildlife. The Challenge runs from March to November. Details of how to participate on the  Garden Challenge page.(note: you need to be an ANPC member to participate in the challenge. Join here)


Small grants of up to $1000 are available through the ANPC to support small-scale native plant projects. Please see our “ANPC Small Grants” page here

Web and Print Resources

Edmonton Native Plant Group – provides general botanical as well as plant/seed sourcing and growing information. Website:

Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Watershed Authority Prairie Stewardship Program. A Guide to Small Scale Prairie Restoration: How to grow your own patch of native prairie: For Schools and Community Groups

The Regina Prairie Project. 1997. Growing a Native Prairie Garden, 43 pages. Self-published brochure.

Campbell, Susan and Sylvia Pincott. 1995. Naturescape British Columbia: Caring for Wildlife Habitat at Home – Provincial Guide. Published by Naturescape British Columbia. Copyright by British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks. Pdf available at:

Flanagan, June. 2005. Native Plants for Prairie Gardens. Fifth House Publishers
Available at:



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