Alberta Native Plant Council

ANPC Small Grants


Thank you for your interest in the Alberta Native Plant Council Small Grants Program. 
ANPC provides grants of up to $1000 for native plant projects by Alberta residents, not-for-profit organizations or registered charities operating in Alberta.

The ANPC will be accepting applications for Small Grants January 1, 2023 – February 28, 2023.

Instructions for submitting an application for an ANPC Small Grant:

1. Please read the 2023  “Information for Applicants” before completing the application form.

2. Submit an application form in one of three ways: 

·        Click on this link to fill out the online form  

·        Click on this link to download the 2023 Grant Application Form  to your computer and send the completed application form by e-mail to:    

·        Click on this link to print the pdf application form send the completed application form by mail to:  ANPC Small Grants Program, Box 52099 Garneau Postal Outlet, Edmonton, AB T6G 2T5 

You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt of your application. 

Deadline for submission of applications: February 28, 2023.

Applications postmarked February 28, 2023 will be accepted. 

Please email if you have any questions about the application form, require additional information or do not receive an acknowledgement of receipt within 5 business days.


Below are the successful applicants for 2022:

For the final reports on awarded ANPC small Grants click on the links below:
2022 – Highfield Farm Living Seed Bank
2021 – Signage for a Roadside Native Grassland Restoration Project – located in Camrose County
2021 – Creation of a Community Garden in the Sakaw Neighbourhood, Edmonton