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Click here for Posey’s Rogues: a gallery of exotic invasive and non-invasive plants of Alberta.

ANPC Guidelines for Rare Plant Surveys in AB Download these here
 Native Plant Source List

Learn where you can buy native seeds and plants – updated May 2018(Download the Excel spreadsheet.)


Throughout the year, ANPC supports Plant Study Groups in four locations in the province. These meetings will run from  October 2019 to May 2020.  The discussion topics and dates are in the process of being finalized. See the Plant Study Group page here.


***The Alberta Illustrated Keys have been updated by Linda Kershaw and Lorna Allen. Species status now agrees with the most recent ACIMS listing (ACIMS, March 2018) and taxonomy agrees with the VasCan database of October 2018 (Brouillet et. al. 2018). Please check them out on the 2019 Keys to Alberta Species page.

See our “Plant Happenings” page for more events, publications etc.

ALBERTA May Plant Count:       Date: May 25-31, 2019
The May Plant Count (MPC) is an annual event where volunteers survey their favorite natural area to provide valuable information on the distribution and phenology of flowering plants in Alberta during the last week of May (May 25-31). MPC is a Nature Alberta citizen science initiative supported by the Alberta Native Plant Council. It’s a great opportunity to shake the rust off of our plant identification skills accumulated over the winter and conduct a fun “trek and check” through our favorite natural space.
Returning and new volunteers are welcome to participate and provide their plant lists. However, behind the scenes volunteers are required to continue this event. The MPC would function optimally with a committee of volunteers so the tasks of coordinating volunteers, preparing and distributing promotions and marketing material, compiling all data, and creating an annual presentation of the compiled results can be completed. Nature Alberta and the Alberta Native Plant Council do not exist without volunteers so I humbly ask that you think about volunteering your time beyond the data collection component for these great organizations on the MPC Committee.
Please contact Kim MacKenzie at kim.mack@goldpaw.ca to volunteer!

Join our Stewards, Derek Johnson and Joelyn Kozar, of Clyde Fen Candidate Natural Area for the May Species Count! Located minutes outside of Clyde, AB; Clyde Fen is one of four natural areas stewarded by the ANPC. The day will entail a meander through an aspen stand, a shrubby fen, and a pine stand. We will be looking to count the number of plant species in flower. Last years count found 56 species in flower! Bring rubber boots, pack a lunch, and be prepared to spend a better part of the day there.
Meet at 9 am on Sunday May 26th at the Percy Page Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. Carpooling is an option. Please RVSP to kozar.j@gmail.com; however, last-minute deciders are welcome.

Spring 2019 Update: “The Rare Vascular Plants of Alberta book is in the process of being brought up to date with a second edition. See our “Rare Vascular Plants” page for the latest updates (May 2019). Photographs of many species are still required. The photograph wish list (revised March 19, 2019) and instructions for submission.



Growing Native Plants in Alberta – Guidance for communities, schools, homeowners, as well as reclamation and restoration resources click on our link here or access the source list above.

Alberta Native Plant Council Concern for Resources for Alberta Conservation Information Management System (ACIMS)

All provinces and territories have a Conservation Data Centre, similar to the Alberta Conservation Information Management System (ACIMS). But ACIMS staff consists of less than one full-time equivalent position, the second lowest staffing level in Canada, despite heavy land use pressures on the landscape.
ANPC relies heavily on ACIMS to inform their native plant conservation initiatives. ACIMS is critically understaffed, underfunded and unsustainable. Earlier this summer, the ANPC wrote a letter to the Minister of Environment and Parks recommending that five full time positions be resourced for ACIMS:

  • Three positions to fill vacant positions of Botanist, Ecological Communities Coordinator, and Invertebrate Zoologist, and
  • Two positions to perform additional data management to meet current needs

We need your support in affecting this change! Please let the Minister know that conservation of native plants in Alberta is important and that it relies heavily on the information and data available from ACIMS, which can only function properly when well staffed.

Please see the attached letters:
ANPC Letter to the Minister of Alberta Environment and Parks – click here
Alberta Environment and Parks REPLY – click here

Element Occurrence (EO) data updated to October 2017
ACIMS has updated the Element Occurrence information to October 2017 in the Search Map and downloadable files. Please note the previous files (dated July 2015) are now outdated and should no longer be used for searches.  The new files must be downloaded.

 Please check the ACIMS Website:  https://www.albertaparks.ca/albertaparksca/management-land-use/alberta-conservation-information-management-system-acims/download-data/



ISBN 978-1-55238-683-5

THIS BOOK IS AN OPEN ACCESS E-BOOK. It is an electronic version of a book that can be purchased in physical form through any bookseller or on-line retailer, or from our distributors. Please support this open access publication by requesting that your university purchase a print copy of this book, or by purchasing a copy yourself. If you have any questions, please contact: ucpress@ucalgary.ca
Click on this link


FINAL Action Plan for Wood Buffalo National Park Heritage Site
Click on this link to the Final Action Plan for development of a multi-jurisdiction Action Plan to protect the World Heritage Values of Wood Buffalo National Park. It is the final result of all the multi-stakeholders input, including ANPC, started in 2017 and completed in February of 2019.


View a presentation by Marsha Hayward (ANPC Northern Director) entitled “Biodiversity within Wood Buffalo National Park and the Peace-Athabasca Delta”. It is a UNESCO submission from a UN meeting in Edmonton presenting education and and information about Wood Buffalo National Park/Peace-Athabasca Delta and reasons to sustain & protect it. **Note that this is a very large file.     


Please watch for ANPC’s display tables, banners 
and pamphlets at professional, conservation and natural history, and community events around the province.  Check out our “Outreach” page for events in the 2017 summer.

Our wonderful new handouts can be downloaded from our “Plant Publications” page.

Here is a link to a new app to navigate ACIMS lists on your phone (android only):  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ionicframework.acimsapp774258&hl=en

Here is a link to a new app for flora identification:  http://flora-id.org
The price on all the Windows versions has be decreased by 50% (April 2017).The shipping/handling fee will still be the same, at $6.00. The plant keys for Alberta is now $50 + $6 S/H, and the SW Canada version will be $100 + $6.
All the plant ID software (apps and windows versions) is now produced under the name Flora ID, rather than Flora ID Northwest, and it is a nonprofit organization, with the net proceeds supporting botanical education and research, and development and production of plant identification tool.


Recipient of a 2010 Emerald Award! The ANPC was recognized for its efforts in promoting knowledge of Alberta’s native plants; conserving Alberta’s native plant species and their habitats; and preserving plant species and habitat for the enjoyment of present and future generations

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