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Click here for Posey’s Rogues: a gallery of exotic invasive and non-invasive plants of Alberta.

ANPC Guidelines for Rare Plant Surveys in AB Download these here
 Native Plant Source List – Learn where you can buy native seeds and plants – updated May 2021. (The Excel spreadsheet will be downloaded to the “Downloads” folder on your computer)



Latest ANPC Website News:
2022 May 30 – Plant Happenings
2022 May 10 – Printable Garden Signs are available to Pollinator Garden Challenge Participants – here
2022 April 25 – RarePlant Profile – Blunt-leaved Watercress
2022 April 9 – ANPC 2022 Presentations – here
2022 March 12 – ANPC Native Plant Pollinator Garden Challenge – Registration open
2022 March 10 – Rare Vascular Plants, 2nd edition – update

2022 February 10 – New Enhancements for Vascular Flora of Alberta: An Illustrated Guide (see below on this page)

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August 2022 update: Everyone is invited to a Book Signing Party on Saturday September 10th at 1:00 pm in Bowness Park in Calgary: site 4. The map is attached here. All of the editors will be available to sign purchased books!!

Thank You to those who helped fund Rare Vascular Plants of Alberta, 2nd Edition!

The Rare Vascular Plants of Alberta, 2nd edition (RVPA2) is now available for purchase and can be ordered through UBC Press.

Thanks to substantial financial contributions from the Canadian Forest Service / Natural Resources Canada, CIP, Ecotrust, AAR Environmental Services, CCI Inc., EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc., Geoterra Integrated Resource Systems Ltd., and Kestrel Research Inc, as well as generous support from Eileen Ford, Dana Charlton, AJM Environmental Inc., H3M Environmental Ltd., Kingbird Environmental Consulting Ltd., Maskwa Environmental Consulting Inc., Pintail Environmental Consulting Inc., SALMTEC, Cliff Wallance on behalf of Cottonwood Consultants, Lacuna Ecological, You Betula Environmental, Derek Johnson, and all the community members who have contributed to our crowdfunding initiative to date, the RVPA Steering Committee is overjoyed to announce we have funding in place to support our initial print run – we have even been able to expand on our initial goal of 1,000 copies to a first run of 1,500 copies!
The RVPA2 crowdfunding campaign closed on March 31st. Any funds raised in excess of what was required for the first print run, along with proceeds from book sales, will be put toward future print runs of the book.
Once again, we must heartily thank all of our dedicated Steering Committee members, volunteers, and donors – the RVPA2 book project could not have been a success without every one of the hours and dollars so generously donated on behalf of this important legacy project.


The Alberta Native Plant Council invites you to plant a plot for pollinators. Help us increase the use of native plants in Alberta by growing native plants in your own yard. Dedicate a small section of your yard to growing native plants this season and watch the pollinators arrive! Challenge is open to all ANPC members for free! Join here:

Puzzling Pairs through the years:
Since 1988, the Alberta Native Plant Council newsletter IRIS has brought to the ANPC membership articles on all things native plant-related. Periodically, a series called “Puzzling Pairs” (or the occasional “Tricky Trio”) has been published to help the plant observer sort between similar species. Using the attached document as a guide, head over to the archived issues of IRIS for some help to differentiate sets of puzzling (or tricky) species.

Featured Native Plant

See more rare plant profiles here



Rare Plant Profiles. Rare plants are an important part of Alberta’s biodiversity. They require special care because they exist in low numbers, live in restricted habitats, or may be threatened by such things as habitat destruction, invasive species, or climate change. The following rare plant profiles will focus on those plant species that are being watched or tracked in Alberta due to their sensitive nature. Read about Rorippa curvipes (Blunt-leaved watercress) here



A brand new publication Wildflowers of Whitehorse Wildland Provincial Park” is available through the Alberta Native Plant Council. This field guide includes detailed species descriptions, comparisons with visually similar plants, plus information on habitat and natural communities. Each species is identified by a common and scientific name, and thumbnail photos enable easy initial identification by colour.

For more details and ordering information click here.



Vascular Flora of Alberta: An Illustrated Guide is available as a paperback or e-book through The guide includes illustrated keys to all native and naturalized vascular plants in Alberta. Since its 1st Printing in June 2020, the book has been revised 3 times (2nd Printing November 2020, 3rd Printing April 2021, and 4th Printing February 2022). Lists of Errata and Enhancements for the 1st Printing are posted here. Errata and Enhancements for the 2nd printing are posted here. Errata (here) and Enhancements for the 3rd printing (Feb 2022) are posted here. The 4th printing incorporates information from the recently published Flora of North America Volume 17, which includes the Scrophulariaceae group (in the broad sense), plus additional enhancements and corrections.



NatureLynx was a free citizen science app developed by the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI) to help Albertans learn about the biodiversity in their own backyard. As of April 1, 2022 it is being phased out. For more information please click on this link.



Growing Native Plants in Alberta – Guidance for communities, schools, homeowners, as well as reclamation and restoration resources click on our link here or access the source list above.



Banner1Please watch for ANPC’s display tables, banners and pamphlets at professional, conservation and natural history, and community events around the province.  Check out our “Outreach” page for events in the summer.

Our wonderful new handouts can be downloaded from our “Plant Publications” page.





Acknowledging Land and People: We acknowledge that what we call Alberta is the traditional and ancestral territory of many peoples, presently those people of Treaties 6, 7, and 8. Namely: the Blackfoot Confederancy–Kainai, Piikani, and Siksika as well as people from the Cree, Dene, Saulteaux Nakota, Sioux, Stoney, Nakoda, and the Tsuu T’ina Nations. We acknowledge as well the members of other indigenous nations in Alberta which include the Métis Nation of Alberta and the Métis Settlements.


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