2018 Field Trips

                                                                            2018 FIELD TRIPS

Note: For all ANPC sponsored field trips, participants must sign a form to acknowledge  that they have discussed the risks that are associated with their trip.



Please join us for a Native Plant Study excursion on Saturday, August 4th, when the ANPC-NPESG explores the lush shoreline and aquatic native plant habitat of beautiful Wolf Lake, Alberta.

Located West of Cold Lake and east of Lac la Biche, this clear water glacial-origin lake abounds with lush shoreline and micro-habitat native plant species. Wild ferns and rare plants abound in the steep hilled, old growth forest within adjacent Boreal Uplands. Be prepared to see ‘rat root’, river otter, beavers, moose, great blue herons, pelicans, loons and other wildlife. If time allows, a short hike up fern-filled creek to view Concoephalum salebrosum, Matteuccia struthiopteris, Dryopteris intermedia, and 300 year old Betula papyrifera trees.

*Boat required. ANPC is researching canoe and/or kayak rental for interested persons. You will need proper hiking attire, lunch and snacks, lots of liquids, canoe or kayak, boat kit, fishing rods and your “discovery frame-of-mind”.

**Preregistration is mandatory for this group trip. Please register by July 15, 2018.
Plant Walk Information/Registration: 780-826-5744; wildloonart@mcsnet.ca



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